Ashlynn Brennan VIP Las Vegas
Las Vegas Escort Tawny Brie

Potential Ideas About Things I Like

Here is a list of likes and possible gifts. I love any and all types of tokens of your affection. Nothing is too small when it comes from your heart....

My Favorite Music...
Well, lets see... anything country. Anything by Garth Brooks and Jonny Cash. I also love classic rock like the Eagles, Styx, Lynard, CCR. I love rock like RUSH and Metallica. I like alternatives like Green Day and anything danceable. My tastes are so eclectic that I'm bound to have something you'll like on my phone. Because I'm constantly buying music, iTunes gift cards are wonderful!

I enjoy all action movies. I love romance. Shocking, I know... considering I'm a girl, lol. I don't like any psycho movies -- they freak me out for days. I do watch horror films though, they really make me horny. And PORNOS, of course. These are great for getting me in the mood. I love getting gift certificates to Best Buy for the latest Blu-Rays.

I will read anything from Nora Roberts (J.D.Robb), James Patterson, Robin Cook, Sandra Brown, and if I have a man to cling to then Stephen King is great. I love to read and its one of my favorite pastimes (as long as sports are not on). We all have our getaways... mine are in the great authors I mentioned. Please help keep my brain from turning to mush by buying me a copy of your favorite book or a gift certificate to Amazon.

I love sushi and seafood when I'm being good and Mexican when I feel like indulging but generally I'm pretty open to trying anything. I would definitely consider myself an adventurous eater but I'm always happy with salads and fruit as well. I'm not a light eater like a lot of girls so I need my FOOD! One of the nicest things you can do is make an evening feel more date-like by opting for the dinner date package. It's fun for me to get to know all about YOU!

I'm a huge sports fan and genuinely enjoy football to hockey,  baseball to basketball. Please keep me on speed dial if you get tickets to anything!

Other Gift Ideas

A present for me? It's not necessary but I will always say YES!! I will always show you my appreciation and then some!

My Stats: I'm 5'8 and about 125 pounds. I'm a natural 34c-24-34, Bra 34c, Panties sm-med, Tops sm-med, Dress 5, Pants/Skirts 5, thigh highs B, Shoes 7.5 to 8, depending on the style.

  • Flowers:
    Every girl loves flowers but please only bring whats in your heart. From a single beautiful flower to a bouquet...the more exotic the better. All flowers are beautiful but I really love uncommon creations to match our uncommon encounters.
  • Candles:
    I really enjoy pretty candles, body sprays, lotions, glitters and oils... So surprise me with your favorite fragrance or -- better yet-- flavor ;).
  • Fragrance:
    Well, I really would love some new fragrances... Chanel (Chance), Dream Angel (Heavenly), Este Lauder (Intuition), Amarige de Givenchy, Issey Miyake (Angel), anything by La Perla or whatever perfume you like... a gift certificate to Sephora or Nordstrom's would be unbelievable or we could go shopping for one together and you can tell me what you like best on me!
  • Lingerie:
    Are you feeling naughty or wild..? I love sexy or sultry underthings to wear. Full bottom panties and bikinis, thongs, and bras, lingerie, teddies, silk or satin robes, corsets, garters with thigh high nylons or fish-nets leather and lace. "Mmm lick my bootstraps." Remember, I am YOUR fantasy! When we go out on the town  I can dress to the nines. Sultry and sexy? Casual? All-business no-nonsense executive? Latex? PVC? From long and elegant to really short and uber-flashy-sexy -- just bring what you want me to wear out on our date. Whatever you can dream up!
  • Jewelry:
    If you ask me about jewelry the answer will always be YES! Please lol!  What would you like to see me in? They really are a girl's best friend!!!
  • Toys:
    Does it vibrate...? YUMM! I love any new toys, especially GLASS DILDOS, lotions and restraints. From fun and wild to kinky and messy. Just use your imagination when buying it.  I want to star in your fantasy!
  • Drinks:
    As far as drinks go,  I love good red or white wine, Champagne and maybe some fruit. Mmm... all covered in chocolate or whipped cream. I'll let you just think about that for a while...
  • Art:
    I am a Michael Godard fan... you know the martini and olive guy. I know it's a different type of request but a print of his and I'll melt right into your arms. I currently own Pocket Rockets --- All In, Shoot the Wad, Praying for Sevens, Burning it Up, $100 Bill Snake Eyes, Olive Party and the book about his life. I would love the one he has about breast cancer, Jump Right In, Paradise, The Key to Wine, Dragonfly, and Feel the Breeze. I just find his work so exciting... I'm naturally drawn to him.