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Mar 2 2011 What some of you have been waiting for.... HEDO part ICategory: General     05:11PM   0

We arrived on Tuesday in the middle of the day and could tell that the atmosphere
was sexual. All the guest were in bathing suits or very skimpy clothes and the open
air environment was perfect for a nudist resort. Fortunately the room was a Jacuzzi
suite in the au natural part of Hedo so other than dinner and theme attire wearing
any clothing was not necessary ;-).

Once checked into the room we started to explore. In just a little time we found
the group we booked with, a bi woman themed group (yippee!!). That evening
was another get together of all us bi women for our play only. After a few friendly
introductions 4 of us started to flirt and really get personal. One of my all time
fantasies was to be the center of attention of a small group of women, notice how I
said “was” a fantasy? For the next hour or so we ended up on a huge cushion with
the ladies pampering, kissing, caressing, licking and sucking every inch of my body.
My Gawd I was in heaven. Every combination imaginable was at our fingertips and
we definitely took advantage of whatever we felt like. My screaming orgasm was the
first of many that evening and the first of many for the stay at Hedo.

As some of you may already know the first thing I want after a hot lesbian session is
a nice hard cock. Fortunately for me one was always at my beck and call. I grabbed
him and we ran back to our room as fast as we could, I just had to feel him buried
inside me. The beauty of Hedo is that everyone expects to see sex so whenever and
wherever you feel the need you can usually indulge. Once in the room we took no
time at all to satisfy my hunger. It was even hotter than I thought possible since we
left the blinds opened so anyone and everyone could watch us.

Even after two awesome sex sessions we still had time to make it to the hot tub.
Nothing better than a group of sexy naked people openly enjoying their freedom for
all to see. There were couples, threesomes and moresomes all around us and even
several awesome lesbian shows to take in. We thought that if this was first night
then we’re going to love our stay here.... To Be Continued!

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