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Oct 15 2010 Mexico was FANTASTIC!!!Category: General     01:36PM   0

Mexico is fantastic! It was so hard... to cum... back to reality! I want to live on a beach... with hot naked swingers! So it all began with the gorgeous setting of the beaches of Cancun... at an all-inclusive resort. When I first arrived they were doing a lingerie contest so of course I had to join in.  I didn't win  but I loved being whistled and stared at so it was all good... I laid out naked all day (no tan lines) and partied all night... There were so many theme parties... like the "Eyes wide shut" theme... The host was dressed up in a black robe and a mask just like all the rest of us, he ordered all of us in a circle, had us strip naked, then we had to kiss and touch each other, then these dancers in sensual costumes started performing a sexual dance, I was so turned on and the next thing you know they pulled me to center stage and they started caressing me, I was so wet... then they started bringing several other girls over to caress and touch me on stage while everyone was watching.  I was so hot and wet I wanted to cum so bad, It was incredible... Then we had a leather night I dressed in a hot sexy leather dress with a crop. They had a male and female stripper on stage, they were both very hot!  So they did this duet dance and once again I was very turned on... they must have picked up on it because the grabbed me stripped me naked and danced all over me! Later that evening I met up with four other sexy women, we kissed and caressed each other on the beds in the night club... We were the center of attention it was so hot.., gawd I love sex!  Every night after the disco, we would all go to the huge hot tub and this is where the orgy gets going all night long. Because it was my b-day some of the couples laid me on the bar and poured chocolate all over me and licked it off and finger fucked me right there on the bar!! I was in my own little heaven... with horns on of course!!! I met three different couples through out the time I was there... I used a strap on on one of the girls and made her squirt several times... she tasted soooo good... I was shuddering after every orgasm!!! The other girl we kissed, ate each other out and finger fucked each other several times... The girls' men were very good at pleasing me as well with many orgasms... One of the guys had a b-day so a few of the girls and I set up a stripper pole the had there and he got his own private stripper show from all of us right on the beach!!! The whole trip was just like a hott... wett... dream!!! It was too short and I have been soooo horny since I have been back!!! wouldn't you???

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