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Jul 17 2014 Extended Date....Category: General     08:01PM   0

Some of you already know, I've entered a semi-exclusive type of arrangement. I'm required to be available with  little or no notice and because of this, I won't be able to accept new clients for the foreseeable future.  I'm very excited about this new venture in life and hope you wish me luck!!!

Sep 13 2011 What kind of woman are YOU?Category: General     01:45PM   0

A man is out of town and goes down to the hotel lounge for a drink. There he sees a very attractive woman in her early 30's sitting alone. He walks over to her table and says: "I'm in town for the evening and wondering if you would spend the night with me for one million dollars."
The woman looks at him. The man is dressed very nice, seems well educated and successful. The woman thinks about it and replies, "why yes I would."
The man then

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Mar 2 2011 What some of you have been waiting for.... HEDO part ICategory: General     05:11PM   0

We arrived on Tuesday in the middle of the day and could tell that the atmosphere
was sexual. All the guest were in bathing suits or very skimpy clothes and the open
air environment was perfect for a nudist resort. Fortunately the room was a Jacuzzi
suite in the au natural part of Hedo so other than dinner and theme attire wearing
any clothing was not necessary ;-).

Once checked into the room we started to explore. In just a little time we found

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Nov 7 2010 Alan Jackson concert....Category: General     01:54AM   0

OMG!!! I went to the concert with one of my favorite play dates. He came to my condo and cooked for me and we were sitting in the 7th row at the concert! It was so awesome and I teared up when he sang "Where Were You When the World Stopped Turning".  A great, fresh, home-cooked meal and an amazing show with a FANTASTIC GUY... what more could a girl want?! Thank you... you know who you are!!! 

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Oct 15 2010 Mexico was FANTASTIC!!!Category: General     01:36PM   0

Mexico is fantastic! It was so hard... to cum... back to reality! I want to live on a beach... with hot naked swingers! So it all began with the gorgeous setting of the beaches of Cancun... at an all-inclusive resort. When I first arrived they were doing a lingerie contest so of course I had to join in.  I didn't win 

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